A Modern Workflow for Students and Teachers

A Modern Workflow for Students and Teachers

When you deploy an iPad in your classroom, you most likely download some of your favorite apps and load up bookmarks to your preferred web tools. Then you hand out the iPad to students and help them use said resources. Great, right? Now we’re learning with gusto!

Not really.

In order to effectively use iPads in education, you probably need a modern iPad workflow that works for both teachers and students alike. I just came across a fabulous version that is in graphic form – which makes it all the better. It’s fromdedwards.me and lists out the apps, parties involved, and how each one fits into particular steps along the process. In other words, this is a workflow designed to help both sides of the classroom.

As you can see, the workflow starts with staff (at the top) and works its way down to students. In between, you can see a list of apps and other resources and how they all fit together. Some reasons rely on AirPlay, some are more about data collection, some are about content creation, and others are simply about collaborating.

As you can see, iTunes U and YouTube are some of the focal points here. That’s because they are very useful for both staff and students alike. You may also see you that Google Drive is showing up in a bunch of the different verticals. That’s because it is highly flexible and usable for staff and students. Another awesome app that I’m a fanof his Explain Everything. As you can see, this app shows up in the modeling and creativity vertical, the workflow vertical, resources, and the collaboration and creativity vertical.


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