MS Office for iPad is available for download.

MS Office for iPad is available for download.

Office for iPhone and Android phones is now available for download and is completely free.  You can download the new versions now directly from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Office for iPAD consists of four apps: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note.

Before downloadind these apps, there is a mjor caveat that you should understand.  Microsoft has adopted Apple’s strategy for tying these apps to their cloud services.

office_for_ipad_iconsWhat does that mean?  The only way currently to open and save files with these applications is from your Office 365 cloud or Microsoft Sharepoint server.  Here’s hoping that Microsoft gets a clue and allows files stored locally on a WebDAV server to be opened up directly in these applications.

This major shortcomings aside, the apps functionality is truly impressive and rivals that of their desktop products.


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